Yikes! I wouldn’t want to find this python in my backyard… or in the Everglades.

Find out more at: http://www.livescience.com/18192-invasive-pythons-everglades-wildlife.html



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Today, I thought I’d share something a little lighter than a normal article.  I’ve been following Harvard BioVisions for years, and their animations never fail to amaze.

My favorite video is “The Inner Life of the Cell,” which shows a variety of cell processes set to dramatic music.  I first saw the video in high school biology.  I watch it regularly, and each time I see it, I understand the animation on a deeper level.  The video is also available in a longer version with voice-over commentary.

Research @ MSU : Evolution

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This is the first in a new series of posts featuring research happening right here at Michigan State!

In the Microbiology department, Dr. Lenski’s lab is particularly notable. The lab studies experimental evolution, both with actual and digital organisms, but is best known for their long-term E. coli evolution experiment.  The experiment was started in 1988, and as of this post, has reached almost 55,000 generations!  The lab regularly analyzes the population and has watched as the population gains new traits and loses others.

Check out the the Lenski Lab webpage where you can see the current population number and read all about their research!

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Cool site offers interesting science facts!

It may be geared towards kids, but this site offers some interesting science facts.

Science and Music

Like music? Science? Here’s the site for you! Check out http://symphonyofscience.com/ to see some catchy sciency music videos!


Self-cleaning clothes? Sounds like a college kid’s dream come true!

Check it out!
New clothing cleans in the sunlight!