Unpacking the Trip: Surprising Discoveries About Psychoactive Drugs and You

A new study came out in December about the effects of psychoactive drugs on the brain.  Typically, we refer to magic mushrooms, LSD, and other hallucinogens as mind-expanding drugs.  Users claim to have surreal experiences of exploration and self-discovery, beyond how they usually feel.  However, when regular users were given a small dose of a psychoactive substance, Psilocybin, and brain activity was measured with a functional MRI, users brains were found to have less activity while tripping than when injected with a placebo.  Interesting stuff.

trippy image

Previous studies have indicated that other psychoactive drugs, specifically LSD, can create lasting personality changes in users after just one use.  Some individuals in the study noticed a permanent increase in “openness” after their experience.  LSD has previously been studied in controversial experiments for therapeutic uses.


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